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Truth Be Told Ministry  is a benevolence ministry dedicated also to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. To spread His love by expressing it everywhere.

To be salt and light to the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.   As God leads us we will follow, to meet the need of all who hunger and thirst after righteousness. Other ministries are called to help other countries,other nations. This Ministry is called to help here in the US.
Our model is 2 Corinthians 8:1-7.
So even the giver, can also be a receiver. It is a collective seed planted that grows into a mighty tree with deep root.  

Truth Be Told is a 501c3 non-profit organization opening its door as a ministry of help & aid. Our goal is to help the working class individual & families. We rely solely on donations and grants. TBT Ministry gives aid not handouts. Through an application process we want to aid by giving $100 rent/mortgage, $50 Electric, Gas, or Water. $50 gas card, $50 Kroger Gift card.
This aid is an incentive & encouragement for the applicant to boost the month to month bill paying process in a positive direction. 

 With God,  this ministry is solely supported by donations. We are also seeking grants.
Will you ask your church leaders, local congregation for their support? 

The recipients will be featured provided they allow it. It is with great strides, Gods guidance, the angels swiftness and your heartfelt giving. Jesus said "It is finished". John 19:30

Please read the Mission Statement it is from my heart. You can see some of our reviews by clicking here.
Three minute message, Prophetic Now and the Daily Verse are for everyday's encouragement.
Visit the sidebar links and calendar for any upcoming events.

I am available to speak. Contact me at the address or email below. I welcome your questions and comments.

write to us:
P O Box 821
Madison, TN 37115

call us:
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