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To Know Him and Make Him Known

It is my desire to say something that will encourage all to seek & serve Jesus.  It is my desire to wake up the sleeping, and light the excitement of our love for one another.
It is my desire to serve the Word of God to everyone. No matter what's in your past or where you are now it is my desire to pray, to motivate, to wake up the destiny and purpose that has been sleeping within us.

As we encourage one another and learn with one another, I pray that the eyes of our understanding, our learning and growing becomes evident on this journey.

The message is Jesus is Lord! He loved us so much, he left a glorious place called Heaven to come to earth and die for our sins. Sin is death, deception, destruction and devastation that separated us from our Creator God, Our Father in Heaven.  Jesus conquered all that to bring us back in relationship with God.

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Thank you and may God smile upon you His Glorious light.  

Truth Be Told is about truth. No more lies, No more deception, no more misguided direction. We want the TRUTH from the WORD.





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